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  • Why are satisfied customers important?
    A company with a future that plans long-term and sustainably and operates successfully depends on its customers. The happier they are with products and service, the more loyal they are in their purchasing behavior and the higher the likelihood that they will recommend you and give you a good rating. In short: A happy customer pays off.
  • What has changed as a result of Corona in relation to the customer?
    Corona has changed us as people. So you can be sure that your customers have changed too. Studies show that they are more critical, selective and consciously place more value on details and a positive customer experience than before the corona crisis. The difference, as an entrepreneur, it is now important to establish proximity to the customer at a distance.
  • Is the customer experience the focus in all industries?
    What years ago was only reserved for the hotel industry is spreading to all industries. Customer expectations are based on unique customer experiences such as at Amazon, Apple & Co. The answer is very clear: Yes.
  • Is the first consultation free?
    The first call lasts about 30 minutes and is completely free.
  • How does the first interview go?
    You will have the first introductory meeting directly with Peggy Amelung. Your problem and the goal become clear. Together we will find solutions on how to implement ideas so that your customers become brand ambassadors with lively customer stories.
  • How long does a consulting project to improve your brand's customer experience take?
    According to your plans, you can choose from individual seminars, group coaching to the most frequently booked 6/12 month consulting module. The CX mentoring program is booked individually. You determine the framework.
  • Are there online seminars for the team?
    All agreed seminars and consulting sessions can be found online or offline, always adapted to the current situation and depending on the agreement.
  • Can you book a keynote speech to get the team excited about the topic of customer experience?"
    The keynote speech is the ideal way to get the team emotionally excited and take them along on the customer journey. Tailored to your company and the industry, we take the first step together.
  • Is it possible to in an individual project/pilot project in the course of digitization also start the topic of customer centricity ?
    Especially now, during the digitization, it is important to have the customer at the center of the digital processes. From the beginning. The benefit for the customer must be clearly identified. Converted sub-processes have a role model effect. Change lives through it, it is implemented faster and better.
  • What funding is there?
    We work together with the partner REAL.Lab. A listed company recognized by the BAFA Federal Office for the "promotion of entrepreneurial know-how" BAFA: Federal Office of Economics and Export Control, Economic Development and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Eligible medium-sized companies and legitimate consulting projects that they commission Amelung & Partners with receive financial support from BAFA.
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