Conceptual Services

Business plan solutions

Do you want to open a new restaurant, bar or lounge? Are you currently thinking about the best menu items or staff uniforms? We evaluate your business situation including the market very fast and design solutions which translate your business idea into profitable customer concepts.

Customer Care Concepts

Why did Steve Jobs preferred to hire hotel managers for all his flagship stores? He recognised the difference that focusing on the customer needs makes. He wanted to give Apple this comparative advantage. Only high customer retention and loyalty nurturing true relationships.
And, excellent service pays off: guaranteed.

Product development and design

Are your guests not satisfied with your offerings for breakfast? Are you looking for new revenue centres? Have you received disappointing reviews in social media lately? We have created concepts for market leaders. You can trust our judgment and good eye for what is missing to set you up for success.

Operational Services

Mystery Shopping including a compact social media analysis.

Yes, we will be the unknown spy and we will look with fresh eyes under the beds, behind the curtains and observe during operational hours whether your staff follows service standards, whether they are attentive, knowledgeable and anticipating your guests wishes and needs.
We are thorough, honest and fair.

Optimisation of all operational processes

We will create with your leaders the most efficient standards and procedures, including checklists and customised handbooks according to your business philosophy and establishment –
the first step to a cross-divisional, uniform guest experience.

Social Media Management

With comprehensive reports on your online reputation, we connect you directly to your guests' feedback. We give you a detailed review about your market positions with regard to your competitors. We will manage your comments and responses to capitalize on converting any challenges into a long-lasting and profitable relationship.

Household Management

Luxury hotels have imported  the service of a butler into their properties. We do export the luxury hotel services into private homes including house manuals.

Training and Coaching

Team Coaching

How can you reinstate positive group dynamics? How do you empower your team effectively? How do you resolve conflicts within your team and create a smooth flow of communication amongst them? With team and individual coaching sessions we reveal strengths, potential and talents within people and guide them through the next steps achieving set goals.

Practical Hands-on Training

“It is very difficult to find well trained staff specialised in product knowledge or service techniques.” We offer an extensive repertoire of hospitality training topics with practical insider tips. We conduct spot training or intensive training classes, individually or for entire teams. All classes are multilingual, available in English, Spanish, German and Italian.